Welcome to my Fresh Store Builder custom website services. My name is Nihad and I have been using Fresh Store Builder since it was in beta testing over 7 years ago. I also work for the Fresh Store Builder customer support and heldesk system and very well know in the Fresh Store Builder community. I have a lot of experience running Fresh Store Builder websites and I have been helping clients do the same for over 7 years now.

(AUG 2018)PLEASE SEE THE FSB CASE STUDY LINK BELOW, I HAVE UPDATED THE STATS FOR JUST ONE FSB STORE SETUP WITH THE DFY 4 PACKAGE. It includes screenshots from Amazon, eBay and Paypal commissions with one FSB Store.

(FEB 2019 Update) I also custom build FRESH STORE INSTANT stores , it also includes THE EBAY AFFILIATE MODULE. Get started with Amazon and eBay today with a complete store package!

With my Level 4 Package, I will help get your amazon api keys approved. If you don’t have amazon keys, I will use my keys to build you the store until we get yours approved.

Fresh Store Builder Store Packages
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FSB Case Study Amazon, eBay and Traffic Stats
What is Fresh Store Builder?


I offer a few different fresh store builder custom website services and amazon affiliate store packages that you will see below. Please email me or send me a message on (Skype NTECH52 ) if you have any questions about my packages. My prices are very reasonable for everything included in these packages. I have seen people selling FSB store packages over $1000 a website and they don’t include half of what I include with my packages.

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The packages below are for 1 Amazon Affiliate Store running Fresh Store Builder. If you would like to build multiple stores at once, please contact me for a bulk discount.

Fresh Store Builder Custom Website Services

Fresh Store Builder Store Building Services

Done for You Amazon Affiliate Store Level 1 $77


Fresh Store Builder Custom Website Services

Done for You Amazon Affiliate Store Level 2 $199


I also offer Paypal Financing options for all of my packages. So if you would like to pay it off monthly using PayPal smart connect, you can choose that option on checkout.

Fresh Store Builder Custom Website Services

Done for You Amazon Affiliate Store Level 3 –  On Sale $250  $399


If you need multiple websites done at the same time, contact me for a special bundle price.

Fresh Store Builder
Best Package for Complete Ready to Go Website LVL 4 –  On Sale $399 $699


Other FSB Related Services – If you need something custom, please contact me for a quote. 


Fresh Store Builder Basic Install – $25

This package is if you are just looking for me to install Fresh Store Builder on your hosting account and the domain you choose.

Once I install the script, then I will email you the store login details and you can get started right away.

To purchase this package, just enter your domain below and click Buy Now.

Enter Domain to Install FSB


Fresh Store Builder Starter Install Package – $60

This package includes me installing the FSB script on your hosting and the domain you choose. I will also setup up to 10 categories of your choice and fill in products into each category. I will also setup the basic template options that come with FSB.

To purchase this package, enter your domain below and click Buy Now.

Enter Domain to Install FSB


Fresh Store Builder Store Upgrade – $20

This package is to upgrade your FSB store running a older version to the current version FSB is on. We will make full backups of your website files, database and then perform the store upgrade and make sure everything is working. Any changes in you did in freshadmin control panel will not be lost when upgrading the store.

FSB Domain For Upgrading


Setup 20 Categories for My FSB Store – $35

This package is for users who are having issues setting up categories and adding products to their store. I will setup up to 20 categories of your choice and I will fill in the categories with products to get started. If your category has Browse Nodes for auto-populate then I will set those for you up also. We can go over it more once you purchase the package.


Refund Policy : There are no refunds for any of the custom services above, one the job is started there will be no refunds issues, you may only exchange the service for another service.

Best Method For Building Fresh Store Builder Amazon Affiliate Stores.

When it comes to building my personal amazon affiliate stores I prefer to use the Blog/FSB method. I will install WordPress on the main website and then I will install Fresh Store Builder in a sub-domain or sub-folder. Its very easy to feed unique content into your wordpress blog posts and pages and then using internal backlinks you can direct SEO juice to your FSB products, categories and custom pages.

This is the same method I use to build websites for my clients who purchase the DFY Level 3 and 4 packages. My clients don’t normally give me permission to share their website and niches on my website, so you will not see any of their websites on here. I also don’t share my personal stores due to people then duplicating my niches and taking my content. So I will not share any of my clients websites unless they allow me.

My method of running amazon affiliate stores is creating multiple small niched based websites. They are very easy to manage when they are specific to a certain niche and easy to keep up with fresh articles.

Below you will find some screenshots from a Case Study store I’m sharing with all my paid customers. I like to build multiple mini websites around specific niches, it makes it really easy to manage the store and keep it updated with content.

This is a very small niche, most products range from $5 to $20, so the commissions are low but at the end of the month it adds up nicely with all my different mini websites. Your commissions will vary depending on the prices of the products you are promoting, the higher the price of the product, the more commission you will get.

The image below shows the stats for a brand new mini website I created and launched in July 2016, You can see it started getting sales right away and it keeps getting sales. This is a very small personal niche website I’m running for a showcase to my customers. If you are a customer, I will show you the store and you can see what I’m doing and follow along.

Fresh Store Builder Custom Website Services


Fresh Store Builder Services

Amazon Store Building Services

The image below shows the updated earnings from AMAZON as of AUG 15st, 2017 for just one website.

Special Bonus for my fresh store builder custom website services level 4 DFY Customers. I will show you how you can easily add eBay affiliate links to your best selling amazon product pages and also promote your ebay links in your WordPress blog.

Check the image below. The commissions are just for one store. Its the same store that I’m showing the images above for the amazon stats. I added the eBAy links in Jan and you can see this one website has earned over $400 which is very good for this small niche I’m doing with low priced products.  Depending on the price of the products you are promoting, your commission will be higher.

Fresh Store Builder Custom Website Services

The image below shows the updated earnings from eBay as of May 31st, 2017 for just one website.

The image below shows the updated earnings from eBay as of AUG 15st, 2017 for just one website.


Below are screenshots for just one public store I did for the DFY stores, the below stats are for 2017. The stats you see in the above images are from the same website. So you can see, year and year its making steady cash and its on auto-pilot now


Here is something else you can do with your niches. I made a extra $1400 by doing this. I just searched the internet for sellers who sold products that related to my mini niche. So I was promoting a product that costs about $1300 to purchase and the seller was giving me 2% of each sale.
The image below shows the paypal invoices they paid me for the sales. This was free money and no extra work needed. All I did was make a post on my store about offer and gave them a tracking id to use and that is how I get paid.

Here are some traffic stats from the same website that shows the eBay and Amazon Affiliate commission

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What is Fresh Store Builder and How Does it Work?

Fresh Store Builder is a very easy script to learn and use for your amazon affiliate websites.  Once I build you a store using the Fresh Store Builder script, you will easily be able to login and manage your store.

Since you are a amazon affiliate promoter you can choose any products you want to promote from Amazon. So you don’t need to worry about stocking products, shipping products or dealing with customers. Your job is to just direct people to Amazon using your website and earning a commission on any sale you get with your Fresh Store Builder website.

To Join the Amazon Affiliate Program is 100% free and you can start building websites right away using Fresh Store Builder.

Please see my Fresh Store Builder Custom Website Services Reviews below and if you have any questions, please feel free to email or or message me on Skype.