Fresh Store Instant Review

Fresh Store Builder Review
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I have been using Fresh Store Instant since V1 when it was released in beta testing. Before using Fresh Store Instant for my amazon stores I was using Associate-O-Matic and back then that was the only script I used for amazon affiliate stores. I had some luck with AOM but all the sites over time would look the same and have all the same categories and no options to add any unique content. There was a lot of limitations when it came to editing content on your store. I’m going to do a short fresh store instant review on this page. This is the only tool you will need when it comes to running amazon affiliate websites.

How I Got Into Fresh Store Instant

I disliked AOM so much for all the limits it had and I spent a lot of time looking on DigitalPoint forum for programmers to make me a custom script and wasted a lot of money on failed attempts at getting my own script. At the same time I came across Carey’s amazon websites and I was amazed with the quality of sites he was building for himself. I contacted him trying to find what script he was using so I can buy it and I find out it was his own personal script he had built and he was having great success with his stores. The fresh store instant script he was using at the time made such clean looking amazon websites and it was full of unique content he was quickly able to add into his website. With AOM you can’t add any unique content to product pages or your category pages. I got in contact with Carey and for the next few months I begged him to give me the script and long story short, he finally decided to release the script to the public and I was one of the first users to try this for my own amazon stores. So I have been using Fresh Store Instant Version 1 and now we are at Fresh Store Instant Version 6 and it has improved by 1000% and just keeps going up. Carey does a great job at updating this script and offering tons of new features, which all existing users get free every time a new version is released.

My Fresh Store Instant Review

I have been building fresh store Instant stores for a long time now but I have also gone in the wrong direction like many other users do. The first time I got fresh store Instant I went crazy and started building these big online mall type stores  that sold everything from baby diapers to flat screen tvs lol.  I spent a lot of time building these websites and adding a lot of categories and having 5000 to 10000+ products per store and I thought I was going to start up the next Walmart online shopping center or something =). Some stores completely failed and some started getting some sales but nothing really lasted when building these kinds of stores.

I realized that we can’t treat these websites as online stores, we are not really selling all of these products. Amazon, Walmart etc.. could afford to have millions of items in stock and on their website because they are actually selling and shipping those items. You are just an amazon affiliate and promoting a product and earning a commission on it. So when you build a website that has 1000+ amazon products but you only have maybe 5 articles posted on your website, then the website is pretty much full of advertisements and no real value to the visitors.

Its like going to the movies and for 2 hours just watching the commercials and 10 minutes of the movie. A lot of times users will blame a tool for not working but not look at what they were doing and the type of websites they are building. These days with google its all about content if you want to get organic traffic. If you spend the time building a quality website then it will pay you for a long time.  Once I got these stores out of my system I started building smaller niche based stores using Fresh Store Instant script.

Recent Posts on my blog for Fresh Store Instant Reviews

Tsum Tsum Plush niche – This is a website I got the idea while drinking my coffee and watching the morning news. They mentioned that Disney started importing these plush toys to the United States and that day I purchased a domain and started setting up my store. Now this store I did 0% research before jumping into it. I always recommend doing some keyword research before getting into any niche but sometimes going on a hunch also pays off.  This website has been live about 7 months as of May 17th, 2015 and has over 230+ orders. I have posted a few pages on my blog about this showcase store I’m showing to the public. I have a few of these stores but I’m sharing this niche to show you what can be done with FSB. You can take any niche and get the same results if you take the time to build your store with good content and get your website on social media websites. Links to the posts about this website are below,

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Fresh Store Builder Update on Tsum Tsum with Earnings and Traffic Stats

Kids Fitness Trackers Niche – This is another store I built and I have not completed it but it had some sales without me doing any work. This is a very small niche right now because there are limited products on the kids fitness trackers but this will expand and if you keep adding fresh content to this website then it will age and be a good earner.  Click here to read about this site.

How Easy is Fresh Store Instant to Install and Use?

Fresh Store Instant is very easy to use and learn. A lot of people think you need to know programming to use Fresh Store Instant and to setup your templates but that is completely wrong. I have no experience with coding or designing templates.

The only coding I know is some basic html codes I find online for inserting links, images and videos. Fresh Store Instant has redone all their guides and they have everything you need to learn fresh store builder and if you get stuck they have a support system and a forum full of users helping each other. You can see a lot of Fresh Store Instant reviews on youtube and their website if you would like to find out more about this script.

Fresh Store Instant Version 6 takes about 3 minutes to install from download the script from their website to uploading it and completing the 2 step install process. Watch my Youtube Video – Fresh Store Instant Review Version 6 Quick Install below,

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