Fresh Store Builder Custom Website Services

Welcome to my Fresh Store Builder (Fresh Store Instant ) done for you services.. My name is Nihad and I have been using Fresh Store Builder since it was in beta testing over 10+ years ago. I work with Fresh Store Builder daily on my own personal websites and my clients. Please use the contact form below to email me any questions you might have about my packages

I hope everyone is staying safe in this crazy 2020 Covid pandemic. Now it’s the best time to get started on your online income. I have been doing this from home now for over 10 years and I love it!

Current Done For You Specials - Amazon & eBay Affiliate Stores with Blogs

Level 1

Starting you in the right direction
$ 150 One Time Fee
  • Setup Store Settings
  • Setup 5 Product Categories
  • Adding Products to Categories
  • 30 Minute Skype Chat

Level 2

Head Start Package
$ 250 One Time Fee
  • Setup Affiliate Store
  • Install Blog with Recommended Pluggins
  • Setup 10 Product Categories
  • Adding Products to all Categories​
  • Upload Your Logo
  • Setting up Basic Template Options
  • 1 Hour Skype Chat

Level 3

Complete Going Live Affiliate Store and Blog
$ 577 One Time Fee
  • Complete Store Setup with eBay & Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Wordpress Installed as Subdomain or Sub-folder for more SEO
  • FSI (FSB) Store and WordPress Blog On Page SEO Linking
  • Setup 20 Product Categories
  • Create Auto-Populate Settings for Categories
  • Add Products to All Categories
  • Setup your Affiliate Stores RSS Feed
  • Share Stores RSS Feed to Social Media
  • Unique Content Starter Package for the Store (5 Articles, one for Home Page, 2 Categories and 2 Content Articles)
  • One Unique Blog Post on WordPress
  • Ping New Store/Blog to Search Engines
  • 5 Hour Skype Chat

I offer a few different fresh store builder custom website services and amazon affiliate store packages that you will see above.

Please email me or send me a message on (Skype NTECH52 ) if you have any questions about my packages. My prices are very reasonable for everything included in these packages. I have seen people selling FSB store packages over $1000 a website and they don’t include half of what I include with my packages.


Best Method For Building Fresh Store Builder Amazon Affiliate Stores.

When it comes to building affiliate stores, I always recommend clients pick niches they are interested in learning or have some knowledge about. This will motivate you more to work on your website and make it grow.

My method of running amazon affiliate stores is creating multiple small niche based websites. They are very easy to manage when they are specific to a certain niche and easy to keep up with fresh articles.

This is a very small niche, most products range from $5 to $20, so the commissions are low but at the end of the month it adds up nicely with all my different mini websites. Your commissions will vary depending on the prices of the products you are promoting, the higher the price of the product, the more commission you will get.

The image below shows the stats for a brand new mini website I created and launched in July 2016, You can see it started getting sales right away and it keeps getting sales. This is a very small personal niche website I’m running for a showcase to my customers. If you are a customer, I will show you the store and you can see what I’m doing and follow along.

This 1 store has been making me $4000 to $5000 a year since 2016 and its going to be 2021 in a couple of weeks!

Send me an email or message on skype for updating images. I don’t have a lot of time to update this website. I’m always working on my clients stores or mines

Fresh Store Builder Custom Website Services


Fresh Store Builder Services

Amazon Store Building Services

The image below shows the updated earnings from AMAZON as of AUG 15st, 2017 for just one website.

Check the image below. The commissions are just for one store. Its the same store that I’m showing the images above for the amazon stats. I added the eBAy links in Jan and you can see this one website has earned over $400 which is very good for this small niche I’m doing with low priced products.  Depending on the price of the products you are promoting, your commission will be higher.

Fresh Store Builder Custom Website Services

The image below shows the updated earnings from eBay as of May 31st, 2017 for just one website.

The image below shows the updated earnings from eBay as of AUG 15st, 2017 for just one website.


Below are screenshots for just one public store I did for the DFY stores, the below stats are for 2017. The stats you see in the above images are from the same website. So you can see, year and year its making steady cash and its on auto-pilot now


Here is something else you can do with your niches. I made a extra $1400 by doing this. I just searched the internet for sellers who sold products that related to my mini niche. So I was promoting a product that costs about $1300 to purchase and the seller was giving me 2% of each sale.
The image below shows the paypal invoices they paid me for the sales. This was free money and no extra work needed. All I did was make a post on my store about offer and gave them a tracking id to use and that is how I get paid.


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  1. My name is Nihad and I have been using and working with Fresh Store Builder support for over 7 years now.
    I’m not expert programmer or a designer but I always spend my time trying too help new users with Fresh Store Builder and the Amazon Associates program.
    You can read some of the reviews on this page from the many great people I have helped with Fresh Store Builder and any of the other services they needed.

    I look forward to working with you too.

    1. What a great guy to work with. He has been working on my site for quite some time now and I think he is excellent and thank you.

    2. We’ve had the help of Nihad with our template and want to say how patient he is (even when I’m not so) and he has helped us a great deal. We wish more customer support services could be as good as his.

    3. Wanted to thank Nihad for all the work he completed for me with I switched over to freshwebhosting and Nihad was an angel assisting me with my questions. He went above and beyond what was required. I look forwards to having Nihad as a part of my online team. Thanks Nihad – Phil in BC, Canada

  2. I cant say enough about the help and support Nihad has giving me and my clients, just one word can describe it as Awesome Awesome Awesome. his knowledge is priceless and the speed and understanding of FreshStoreBuilders inner workings is amazing.

    Do yourself a favor and use the advice from Nihad and use the easy way too build your amazon store and use FreshStoreBuilder amazon store building system, you cant go wrong with that team.

    Once again Thank you Nihad.

  3. We have known Nihad for almost a year now since we first had him do work for us on various projects.

    He is one of those people that not only has a vast wealth of knowledge himself, but if he does not know the answer or solution to a challenge, he has a large network of experienced people who pitch in.

    His customer service and computer side manner is TOP NOTCH.

    We look forward to having him do more work for us.

    Thanks Again for all that you do to make us better.
    Profile Supply
    Rick Hemsworth

  4. Nihad is amazing. Without his assistance I would not be able to have my five Fresh Store Builder sites up and running. He has been available whenever I need his help which is very, very often. Nihad has rescued me from disaster many times as I plowed blindly through the learning process. He is willing, pleasant, knowledgeable and extremely patient and understanding. I know that I can totally depend upon his excellent help. I feel very fortunate to have Nihad at my side even though he is 3,000 miles away. Nihad, there are not many like you out there; you are a valuable resource and a wonderful guy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. Nihad is one in a million. I’ve been working with him for a few years and have always been impressed with his level of service. He has helped me maintain my Amazon sites since 2010. My sites have sold thousands of dollars worth of products, so I look forward to continuing our working relationship for years to come.

    He is friendly, patient, and FAST. I was so impressed when I put in a request for a new store, and it was LIVE within an hour. Just WOW!

    Thank you Nihad. Your excellent work is appreciated very much!

    Crystal Gorham aka Lady Affiliate

  6. Nihad
    Thanks for your assistance getting my stable of sites upgraded. Version 3.0.6 was running slow on the server and Mr. Nihad was prompt to the rescue getting us upgraded to V3.0.7

    Super job Brother!


  7. I took FreshStore up on their offer to upgrade an older site to the newest version that is supposed to be much faster. It was a great special and well worth the money. What surprised me is the speed with which the upgrade was done. Nihad did a great job, taking a store that was on a much ol;der version with no template and upgraded it to a much better looking site. And he did it in less than 6 hours from payment to completion. That is what I call service!

  8. I have worked with Nihad from the day I started with Fresh Store Builder. He suggested three niches for me to explore and after I chose one he installed the software on my host for me. As I waded my way around the set up of my store Nihad was always there with sound advise when I needed help. I went to Nihad for my logo design and am very pleased with the logo I decided on. I needed help installing a blog on my host to tie in with my site and Nihad did that as well. Nihad just updated my site to the latest version and he did this within two hours of my request.
    I highly recommend Nihad for his great service.

  9. Nihad has been extremely helpful. He has always taken the time to walk me through several rough spots in the development of my websites. He is highly responsive and very customer oriented. A great guy when you need help.

  10. I decided to use Nihad to help me establish some workout dvd websites. At first I was slightly skeptical because of all of the promises I see everywhere online nowadays, however Nihad completely blew me away. Not only did he answer every question I had very thoroughly, but he did it with amazing speed. If you are on the fence about Nihad or FSB, take the plunge, if you are even remotely like me you will be much more than satisfied. Thanks for all of your help growing my business Nihad.

  11. I have to say that Nihad has been exceptionally helpful and speedy with any request or issues that I have put to him. He has really helped me out with the tech side of things and got my two stores up and running very smoothly, and always with the offer of if I need any more help to just get back in touch. I really do recommend him for any issues that you may have as he will always sort things out for you. So thank you very much. Nihad.

  12. I just wanted to leave a quick review about Nihad and helpful he has been.
    He built my very first store and I was very please with it so much I got him to build
    My second store site. I will definitely be doing business Nihad again.

    Big Thanks Nihad,

  13. Hi,
    As a “newbie”to this type of project Nihad’s help and assistance

    has been priceless. He has provided a first class service in

    putting up a site for me but with me at the same time. His

    recommendations were all sound and obviously based on his in

    depth knowledge of the system.
    I will be seeking out Nihad for help in the future. Many Thanks

  14. Needed some help from Nihad for a small issue, and he is first class all the way. Had the changes done in lightning speed and very hospitable. It is great to know that there are some good guys out here on the internet. Thank you, Nihad!

  15. While setting up my FSB sites, Nihad as jumped in to help me with any problem I’ve had – and I’ve had a few.

    His responses were quick, professional and helped me get to the bottom of the issues. Definitely one of the better customer service experiences I’ve had.

    Thanks Nihad.

  16. In my quest to find a new business and increase my income, I stumbled across FSB. After purchase and a successful install, I decided to add a new domain and start a regular ecommerce store in addition to my existing FSB store. This required me to move my FSB store from a .com domain to a .net domain. Being older with little tech knowledge, everything became combined and basically fubared. Spent weeks working on the FSB store and it looked good. So I didn’t want to start over from scratch. That would have been easier in retrospect.

    So I turned to the technical support of Nihad. Over a few days and with some harsh words from me fostered by my limited knowledge and incredible frustration, Nihad was able to fix everything. I was beyond mad and he was able to work through the issue with incredible professionalism.

    Fast forward to a recent issue closely related to the initial change in domain names. I am getting checkouts now and they are not showing on my Amazon account. Contacted Nihad once again and within a matter of minutes he was able to diagnose my problem and repair.

    So I thank Nihad for a job well done even with my suborn attitude as an obstacle. He is h0nest, trustworthy, and just simply a great guy.
    Thank you very much Nihad,

    James Fetter

    He gets a A+++ from me

  17. Nihad has helped work on at least four of my stores, I am very satisfied with his work. His readiness to help promptly is a great advantage to being part of Fresh Store Builder Community. Nihad did a lot of upgradings, installations and figuring out problems at my stores . It is a pleasure to work with you Nihad and support at Fresh Store Builder.

  18. Nihad has been just great helping to get my websites up and running. As someone new to this his assistance has been very professional and priceless to me. I would recommend him to anyone.

    Many thanks Nihad

  19. I would like to publicly than Nihad for his work on my site

    His suggestions and advice helped me get the site up much more quickly than if I had decided to go it alone. In addition, his knowledge of his work was apparent and he was very professional in his conduct.

    I highly recommend him to install your Fresh Store Builder.

    Thank you Nihad!

  20. Thank you Nihad for your immediate response to my problem. This is the first time in dealing with a technical support team that I haven’t had to wait 24 -48 hours just for a response. Nihad gave me an immediate response and a suggestion to remedy the problem I didn’t have the know how and he took charge of my sites and cleared all problems within 1 hour. Nihad I will be working with you in the future.

    Thank you Nihad you have restore my confidence in the support community.

  21. I cant say enough about the help and support Nihad has giving me over the past six months or so excellent service and nothing is to much trouble.

  22. Nihad has always been the best “Go To” guy when it involves Fresh Store Builder. He is very customer oriented and his response time to any issue is quick and deliberate. That is an admirable feat considering we are half a day apart. I wonder if he ever sleeps?

  23. I found it hard to build a site use Fresh Store Builder, so I got Nihad to do one for me,
    Not only did he do that he also done some
    extra work for me free of charge. He will always let you know what will
    work best, not just put something together. You can always contact him on Skype
    I was so so happy with him and his work, and what he had done, I got him to build me another
    website for me .
    It will not stop there will get him to do me my next site without a doubt.

    Fresh Store Builder

    Thanks Nihad

    Hugh Geohagen

  24. Nihad is a lifesaver, I was in desperate need of his help and he came through for me. He is very patient and professional and really cares. Thank you Nihad for getting me back up and running!

  25. I have been into affilliate marketing for a couple of years now and have spent more hours and dollars than I care to admit on various products and services, in all that time I cant recall anyone who is as willing to help out with issues and advice on a piece of kit especially in the begining when you need help the most learning something new.


  26. Nihad is knowledgeable and he does have a service attitude. Solving problems and going above and boyound of what is asked of him is part of what he delivers.

    Thank you Nihad

  27. Nihad is one of those guys who goes the extra mile to help you. He will always respond with a constructive, helpful answer more often than not solving the issue for you. If he is unable to help you himself he will refer the matter to someone who can, or point you in a direction to help you to resolve things yourself.

    This is what we, as customers, look for in a Support team.

    Thanks Nihad for all your help, it is greatly appreciated by us all.

  28. I want to say that Nihad did a great job all around when it came to offering his assistance. He was always available and willing to help out and do some work for me. What a great person and his work speaks for its self thanks again for the many times you helped me out and look forward to working with you again.

  29. Nihad has been great. The quality of his work, level of communication, and customer service have been excellent. He has earned my repeat business, and he will get it.

    Thanks Nihad,


  30. Nihad is one in a million. He has been so helpful, polite, and patient beyond belief. So I had him create a store for me. I think it was approximately 6 weeks prior to this writing. The articles that was written for the site is now #7 for the keyword, electric foot massage machine and #16 for best foot massage machine. In addition the site is also very attractive.

    Thanks, Nihad!

  31. Nihad has been fantastic in fixing up my site, after I mistakenly deleted the database and it went down! I was totally frustrated and couldn’t face doing all the work AGAIN. Nihad came to the rescue and rebuilt it for me and now, it looks better than ever! Great job, he is polite and reliable. His services are highly recommended.

    Thanks, Nihad

  32. If you need some hosting, choose Fresh Website Hosting because they take time for your problem and help you till your problem is solved.
    I’m very happy at the moment that they help me out!
    Thank you Nihad for your patience and great help!!
    Regards from the Netherlands

  33. I bought Fresh Store Builder about 1 years ago. During the last year when I got any problems Nihad fixed as quickly as possible. Sometimes he also provided support me via skype. To be honest without his prompt service it was quite tough for me to run my projects smoothly. I would like to recommend anyone to hire or get service from Nihad without any hesitation.

  34. I’ve been working for my first store online under Fresh Store Builder,
    I can’t say enough about the help and support NIHAD has given to me.
    HE is amazing. Without his assistance I would not be able to have my first store.
    He has been available whenever I need his help even via Skype.
    Knowledgeable enough and extremely understanding especially to those beginners like me.

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH, more power to you!

  35. Nihad is great to work with. The store looks great and runs flawlessly. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The sales are getting better all the time too. I’m working on my next store now and look forward to working with Nihad on that store as well. I highly recommend Nihad, he’s the best.

  36. I am fairly new to FreshAdmin store (about 2 weeks) and I recently had the pleasure to live chat with Nihad and I have to agree he is a great friendly and very knowledgeable person. We recently exchanged some comments about each others very similar website which I could not stop laughing about, for an hour! Its just typical men stuff and anyway here is my penny to share:

  37. My wife and I can’t say enough about the help we have received from Nihad in setting up our website and help in transferring our websites to FSB. We do work while on our vacations and it has been so nice to be in touch with Nihad about work we need done. I am 71 years of age and it has been great having his input and experience. We certainly will be recommending him to others. We communicate mostly via Skype.

  38. Just wanted to say thanks to Nihad for setting up my new store. He not only did a good job on the site, but also added a couple of free extras.
    Would be happy to use Nihad’s expert help again,

    Thanks Nihad,


  39. My little technical Samaritan, been a help to me for the past year now and always available in a crisis….
    God only knows, I have had enough of them over the year to write a book.
    Keep up the good work Nihad,

  40. Nihad was very helpful with creating my new store I am excited about continuing and learning
    how to manage my website he also makes sure I understand things before I move on to the
    next step
    Thank you

  41. I would never had the time to add such detail to my site. Nihad’s level of patience and attention to detail is excellent. Money well spent and having him do another site. (and then another)

  42. Nihad did a wonderful job with my full content packages install, as well as went above and beyond with my blog install. Great guy! Let him help you, too!!

  43. If you are thinking about FSB stop thinking and do it! Great product beautifully written store
    And it does not get any easier than having it setup By Nihad here@ Freshscript install Nihad is spot on with his skills and Expertise in this field. I deal with alot of different customer service agents during my day. and i can truly say I enjoy working with Nihad . If your going to play the affliate game with Amazon this is the product and Nihad is your Guy Enjoy. I am.

  44. Just wanted to say thanks to Nihad for setting up my new store . What a great person and his work speaks for its self thanks again for the many times you helped me out and look forward to working with you again. Thank you Nihad. Your excellent work is appreciated very much!

  45. Nihad is beyond awesome. I have been struggling since 2006 to get the hang of affiliate marketing, and Nihad has just made my life so much easier. With Fresh Store Builder I don’t have to figure out anything, and I don’t have to piddle around with embedding individual product codes on my website. The store is beautiful and operates like a charm. Nihad was so patient and helpful, taking as much time as I needed to understand everything. He is the first person to really truly help me online. I can’t give a strong enough endorsement. Thank you so much, Nihad!

  46. This guy Nihad knows exactly what he is doing. He is pretty well versed with Amazon configuration with Fresh Store Builder and it’s Templates. He saves you a lot of time and money. He even to the content written to exactly the way I wanted it. He always asks for your approval and does the updates.
    Installation, and getting your site on line is a breeze with his help. I am planning to to build few more stores and he is my backing on all it’s configuration. I highly recommend Nihad for any amazon store building or any other content writing even if it’s not connected with FSB.

    Thanks Nihad, and looking forward to continued business relationship for success.

  47. Nihad has been instrumental in setting up my FSB store. He has spent countless hours walking me through various sections. He assisted me in moving from my current host which was giving me issues to there host. ( no issues) I purchased some product from him to assist in my site and they worked like a charm. He is personable too. I never knew people in New York were personable 🙂

    You can rest assured you will be treated fairly, no not true, you will be treated more than fairly. In fact you will be treated amazing. Nihad, It’s nice to see people like you who go the extra mile and offer wonderful service.

  48. Thank You Nihad! I am an online Newbie, so I need help in a variety of ways, LOL! You have been so helpful to me getting the glitches out and patiently providing me honest assessment of what I am doing. Getting it all together has been a challenge, but the store is great and is a great compliment to my new blog.

  49. Thank you.
    Nihad has completed my store in double quick time and I am over the moon with the work done. As a newbie I now have a template for future stores.
    I was really struggling to get used some of the technology, so asked for help to build my first store and the outcome is excellent.

    Thank you

  50. Nihad was incredibly helpful and very patient with me. I thought I was going to flounder completely but the support given was always done helpfully and in a non-patronising way. I really appreciated having a ‘go to person’ for Fresh Store Builder and I’m considering getting him to set up my store for me.
    A massive thumbs up from me!

  51. Have loved working with Nihad. I am not particularly techy at all and am one of those who think they “should” be after owning a computer for many years. Fact is, I just know the basics of some things.
    He is very patient and helped me focus on what exactly would work for my site from the choosing of a template to the store going live and linking with my new blog. Although I know he’s busy with many others, he has a way of making you feel like you’re the only one. Even when I got busy with other things and disappeared for awhile, in coming back to complete a project, he was always ready to help and move forward to set things up the way I like.
    Nihad and Fresh Store Builder go together like… well, hands and gloves… If you want to have a lovely and effective Amazon store, get in touch with Nihad and make it happen.
    Thanks so very much, Nihad.
    Will certainly be working with you again.

  52. I have been very pleased with everything Nihad has done for me.As a newbie he has been very patient and has explained things in a very pleasant and efficient way. If I have any further problems I would have no hesitation in contacting him again.

  53. I highly recommend working with Nihad when setting up your Amazon Associates store using Fresh Store Builder. He’s works quickly and provides excellent support and feedback to optimize both your store and it’s set-up. I’d certainly work with him again!
    Matt P.

  54. Nihad is the most efficient guy i know in regards to setting up my amazon associates store. Im sorry if i dont have the same to tell abt others i had the opportunity to talk to… with Nihad i had the problem of my stores fixed in seconds. So yes i would prefer Nihad to solve any kind of problem that arrive in my stores.Is difficult to find a person that actually cares, and i found that Nihad is very good on what he does! Thanks Nihad!

  55. Nihad, is very knowledgeable in regards to techie things, at the end of the day I think he’s a coach. I would recommends him to anyone who’s thinking about building an amazon store he makes look easy. Two thumbs up
    Thanks Nihad,

  56. Nihad has provided excellent support and customer service. Although the Fresh Store Builder is easy to use, as a new user I’ve had some things that I couldn’t figure out on my own. Nihad has been so helpful every time I have emailed him.

    Thanks so much Nihad… I appreciate all your help!

  57. Nihad rocks! He did everything I asked, the quality was top notch and I am very happy with his service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  58. Nihad was so helpful when I was trying to install my website, he was very patient I then decided to take up his offer of having my website done for me and I am so pleased with the result. I shall not hesitate to contact him again when I need his help

  59. Nihad is a true pro
    He offers excellent and knowledable support at an excellent price point.

    He is truly interested in making his customers happy and he will go the extra mile to accomplish it.
    Highly recommended

    thanks Nihad

  60. Nihad has provided me with excellent support with my stores. Not only is he professional in his services but has been very patient. I never hesitate to contact him when I need his help. I highly recommend his services to anyone using FSB. Thanks Nihad.

  61. I got the website developed by Nihad and team and they did an excellent work on building the website. Nihad guided me on following the right directions always and kept a track where I went wrong. Just like a friend he has always supported me at every stage of this development. They are very professional and are always on the top to help and assist customers.

    I feel confident that within a period of time I will be able to earn more commission and develop multiple niche website. Kudos to FSB, DFY Services and hats off to Nihad. He is an excellent professional and a kind human being. Thanks a lot. Paul

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